Crystal Temple Sessions

Crystal Temple Flyer

Crystal Temple Healings

Experience your Fifth Dimensional Self!

Realign your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional bodies! Cleanse yourself of that which no longer serves you. Charge and recalibrate your meridians.  Travel to the Crystal Temple where you establish a deep connection with your guides and your fifth dimensional self. Receive gifts from your guides. Charge your light body. Return to your physical body and assimilate the high frequency healings you received through the process of Spiritual Osmosis.

Learn how to access the Crystal Temple independently!

“Fantastic! Alessandra shows very high healing skills that are remarkable. They have quite a dramatic effect. She has a great talent for this.”

Vywamus Soul Psychologist

Alessandra Gilioli grew up in Bracciano, Italy where she connected with nature spirits. She was fortunate to have a starseed mother that allowed her to discover and build her healing and intuitive talents.                                           

Access  further information about the Crystal Temple image to the left and more 5 dimensional Arcturian art by Gudrun Miller at Group of

Learn more about Arcturian Spiritual technology through David K. Miller at Group of


1 Hour Healing Session is $65


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