My exploration started in a small town in Italy, called Bracciano. There I played in leaden-sand the color of long-hardened volcanic lava, surrounding a serene, yet uncannily deep lake. On a peak above the lake sits an ancient castle, from the 1400’s. In true medieval fashion, it was always in a state of construction, and til this day, is not complete, much like me. Throughout time, different ones in charge affected the progress of the castle, so my mind too is affected by different aspects that play at being in charge.

I grew up speaking two languages and learning another two on top of that, then forgetting major components of each, which results in feeling like a foreigner in all. Growing up in Italy, while going to and British school, yet having an American mom was a great blend of cultures, so I felt from an early age that I knew some earthling customs well.

As a grownup, that doesn’t feel grown up, I have steadily been of service to people with special needs, playing arts, coaching sports, theatre. Here I learned that the end goal is only mere formality and that the journey is where the fun is at. Bill M, gave me this lesson when during Special Olympics, during a softball tournament Bill hits  and as he runs round the bases, stops at second and says to the base man “Hi!! Dan! I haven’t seen you in a while! How are you?” The delight when both the players met, like long lost buddies was far greater than playing!

Lately I am  working with the elderly.  Here is where I find windows to other worlds, when I hear the lives people have lived, the world as it was when they were younger, so different from the now. In meditation and dreams I experience realities that are  as beautiful and as bright as the smile of the wise-old woman I am serving birthday cake to.

My exploration takes me into the world of fantasy/sci fi books, where a simple page of jumbled cultural symbols, known as text catapults you into yet another landscape of a symbiotic relationship between author/reader.  The author’s created environment somehow transcribed into mere words get effectively translated into a reader’s active imagination, and viola` a great communication and world has been reached.

As I hop between parallel dimensions I ponder, and some of these get caught and expressed in verbage, doodlers and maybe more.
Carl Jung called this ‘Alchemical Active Imagination.’
[all art on this blog is done by Alessandra Gilioli, unless otherwise specified]




  1. Lovely…;)

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